Please add this feature...


You first may have to develop AutoName to create a better name for my suggestion...

But it would be amazing if you can create an app that somehow allows users to HTTP Get info they want without having to go through the normal tedious process. I have no idea how it would work.

There was a great Reddit post about automating downloading the newest Tasker beta with HTTP GET. So, perhaps first the user would highlight/copy-and-paste a bunch of text surrounding the desired data one is trying to capture:

<TD ALIGN="center">4.2b9m</TD>
<TD><A HREF="">Tasker Download</A></TD>
<TD><A HREF="">App Factory Download</A></TD>
<!-- TR>

Next, they would copy-and-paste into a different field the specific info they are after. In this case, the Beta name: "Tasker.4.2b9m.apk"

You do your magic, and everyone wins. And then when people are having technical problems, you ask them if they entered a space after the 'k.'

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