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AutoPebble and AutoNotification

Dear Sir:

I have a few questions regarding these products I purchased.

1. Is there a way to parse the gmail and mail test so that I can show the From, Subject, and Msg Body Fields? Right Now, I use %antitle and %text from AutoNotification and send to AutoPebble

2. Is there a way to get the FROM info in Go SMS Pro App? I can get the text of the message (via AutoIntercept) but don’t know who the message is is from.

3.When I receive a GMAIL message on my Pebble via AutoNotification and AutoPebble, If I reply to the button 1 to Reply, it returns a text screen with %antext in the box. Any idea where that is coming from and why it doesn’t just take me back a screen? I pretty much used your YouTube tutorial to send notifications to Chrome but instead I send to AutoPebble.

4. In AutoPebble, does Android only use the 2 buttons? Is there a need to send any variables to the 3rd button?

5. Is there a way to use the info from AutoNotification and send to my Pebble so that the text is formatted with Labels? For instance:

SUBJECT: This is a test
Message: This is where we are going today, Thanks to AutoPebble…

Also, is it too late to get in on the beta of AutoCast? I have purchased AutoPebble and AutoNotification. I was interested in using my Chromecast as well.



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