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Autovoice - ability to send google voice results in a delimited format

I am using Utter! as my main channel for voice control. I pass all unrecognized commands to Tasker.

I am having problems to pass the voice data array to AutoVoice. For now I am using the Test Command action - but however I try I cannot find a format that makes AutoVoice take the whole array of google voice results.

Say I get the following 5 sentences back from google:
Hello world
Hello wow
Hello car
Hello banana
Hello tasker

And I join my array with a comma delimiter like so: "Hello world,Hello wow,Hello car,Hello banana,Hello tasker" - And I want AutoVoice to process the result as if I were using the AutoVoice Recognize action.

Is it possible already by using an intent, passing the array to autovoice? Or would you be able to add the feature to the "test command plugin"?


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